Baseball Fans Unite!

From Sakurako Kitsa on Flickr Creative Commons

It’s that time of the year again, when MLB malaise sets in during the pre-playoff days. Thank goodness for the Little League World Series, which delights baseball fans from around the planet. Who doesn’t love the sound of “ping” in August? Even Cuba (commies) love a little hardball. And this year, even Connecticut has a reason to care. The Fairfield American team from (obviously) Fairfield has advanced from the New England region to take on the best teams from around the country in Williamsport, PA.

On Friday, August 20, Fairfield begins their pool play by taking on a squad from Auburn, Washington at 1 p.m. The Washington team is probably so used to getting a rain delay break mid-way through a game, that Fairfield will win when the Auburn team gets fatigued after five straight innings.The LLWS is a great event to watch, if you ignore the ESPN coverage talking about the players favorite foods (who knew kids like pizza?) and favorite baseball player (don’t care). And this year the games will feature expanded replay on certain close plays, which is something the MLB could steal from the Little League playbook.

While Connecticut isn’t known for producing boatloads of major league prospects, CT has had few teams win the whole deal at Williamsport: Trumbull in 1989, Windsor Locks 1965, Norwalk 1952 and Stamford 1951. So, Connecticut, in the interest of a little baseball-related unity in a state that knows nothing but strife and discord in this particular sports arena, let’s get behind this team from our richest county! It would be great to see a team from Connecticut do well in this tournament, if only to distract red Sox fans from their utter injury-related misery. And hey, Fairfield might actually win! (I mean, their parents should be paying for pitching coaches and batting clinics, no?)