Summer Love & Garrison Keillor

Standing intermission.

Twice now, I’ve won tickets from WNPR. When I won tickets to see David Gray at the Oakdale (or whatever the hell it’s called now) I figured I was the only one who entered because even the NPR crowd probably doesn’t care about his particular brand of non-threatening pop. But when I got an email telling me I’d won a four pack of tickets to see Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion at the Ives Center in Danbury, I started to wonder what was going on over there in the promotions office.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I enter for online contests all the time because I love free stuff, and am too cheap/poor to buy tickets to anything but the events I really…really…want to go to. So you can imagine how much the fact that no one else seems to be entering these contests means to me.

The Asian Persuasion and I headed on over to the Ives Center last Wednesday to check out Mr. Keillor, by ourselves despite having won a 4-pack. As it turns out, it’s practically impossible to give away tickets to A Prairie Home Companion, for me…and for WNPR.

After two days of trying to find people to take the other two tickets, to no avail, we just gave up. AP and I got to the Ives Center a bit early after gorging ourselves on Burgerittoville food – she’ll explain that at a later date – and headed to the Will Call window (which, in this case, is more of a gazebo). The tickets weren’t filed under my name, so we were sent over to another “window” to see if they were under WNPR or CPTV. Nope.

Some folks from the promotion (or production) staff got involved and started helping us. They were confused, though, since they’d been told that no one entered the contest at all. Now, as I’ve said before, I think I’m the only person who enters these contests, but I’m not “nobody.” After some standing around, and waiting while they figured out if they could give us lawn seats or actual seats we finally got a pair of tickets.

We were in the second row, in the center of the second section. They were pretty great seats, actually, and no one showed up to sit in front of us. We had a clear, unobstructed view for Tales from Lake Wobegone, Guy Noir, and the rather beautiful musical stylings of Sarah Watkins of Nickel Creek fame. (The Asian now has a girl crush on Ms. Watkins…and I certainly don’t blame her.)

It being the “Summer Love” show, the songs and stories were all love-themed, and when good ol’ Garrison and Ms. Watkins did what they call the “Standing Intermission” they sang well-known love songs that the audience could sing along with as the stars of the show wandered around the aisles. They started out with “Fools Rush In” by Elvis (I ❤ that song) and I think “My Girl” was in there somewhere. Honestly, I ended up getting distracted by the old broad behind us who had obviously been waiting for her chance to really belt out a tune.

Speaking of old broads: the show was a lot of fun, but we were two of about 12 people under the age of 50 in the whole place. But after seeing the plethora of lovey-dovey blue hairs in the audience, I have come to believe that a shared love of Garrison Keillor is the secret to a good marriage. Between that little nugget of wisdom and a new found love for Sarah Watkins, I think the 30 seconds or so I spent filling out the form on was well worth it.

And now ladies and gentlemen, Sarah Watkins:



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