Burgerittoville: Yep, it’s all it seems and more

Last Wednesday night, before the Prairie Home Companion show in Danbury, the Anti-Couric and I decided to grab some dinner. Sadly, our first choice was closed, but then she had the brilliant idea to go to Burgerittoville in Newtown. My first thought was, “They sort of spelled it wrong…burrito has two r’s and only one t…” but whatever. It sounded perfect for blatantly, massively, joyfully cheating on our diets.

First, they don’t take cards, so be sure to have cash on hand or else you’ll wind up turning around to find a bank, like us. Second, there’s no table service.  You order at a counter too tall for me to see over, and pay up front, so if you’re used to white table linens, this isn’t your place. However, we are down and dirty so it was just right. Housed in an old train depot, it has some funky charm all its own…just not the romantic, candlelit dinner-for-two type.

We both went for the classic burgeritto, which was basically a bacon cheeseburger in a tortilla. I had a chocolate peanut butter shake and the Anti-Couric had plain chocolate, I think. We split a large fries, but to be honest, a small would have been more than enough. Priced reasonably, I think we got out of there for just a little over $20.

Everything was delicious…sickeningly so. A burger wrap is neater than a regular burger (unless you are me…), and you don’t feel like you ate a loaf of bread when you’re done either. Although the story of the joint makes it seem like this guy invented the burger wrap–in a late-night drunken stroke of genius–I think it’s safe to say he didn’t. I mean, I served them when I bartended near UConn eight years ago. But, whatever. The shakes were also delicious and the fries crispy and well-seasoned.

I think the Anti-Couric will agree that the overly full, disgusting feeling lasted well into the next day. However, if you’re going to go off the rails from a regimen of healthy eating, this would be the perfect place to do it.

Two and half salt shakers because we’re all about being gluttons in good style.