All About: Avon

Population: 17, 641 (as of 2008)

County: Hartford

Size: 22.6 square miles

History: You’ll be relieved to know that Avon has always been pretentious. Yes, ever since the days it was known as “Northington or the North Parish of Farmington” it was uppity. In 1830 it finally got its own groove and became Avon — after the Avon River in jolly old England.

Like most things related to the Puritans, Avon’s break from Farmington was about a church…and the townspeople’s needs to get to one more often/easily.

Something Weird: Back in 2005, Avon was named the third-safest town in America by Money Magazine…probably because no one can get to it. (That mountain really is quite daunting.)