West Beat’s New Gyro Palace

Yes, “Gyro Palace” is its real name.

The Boyfriend and I headed to West Beat Center to check out this new gyro place located on South Main Street near Farmington Avenue last week. The place was bright and clean and clearly brand new (the guy informed us that they had opened the Wednesday before) since the pace was a little slow and everything still looked shiny.

The menu was actually more extensive than I thought–some salads and wraps were included with the assumed staple of gyros.  Now I was always under the impression that gyros were Greek and have cousins in Turkey and the Middle East and Wikipedia agrees. However, the owner is Armenian. Go figure. The Boyfriend ordered a beef gyro, and I had a chicken one simply to try both. They had the big vertical spits of meat that they carved…except then they microwaved the chicken. I’m assuming it’s a health code thing, but it sort of dried the meat out. The beef definitely tasted a little better.

The gyro was pretty good–it did the trick anyway. While they were trying to tell us that their’s is genuine because of the way they do their meat (not on strips like say, Tapas), I feel like it all tasted the same. At $7.99 each, the price is a little steep for a takeout counter that does not include any sides. It might not be a go-to for a quick, cheap lunch at that price, but it’ll kill your gyro craving. Two salt shakers because at least it brings a little variety in the West Beat.