All About: Barkhamsted

Population: 3,620

County: Litchfield

Size: 38.8 square miles

History: Frankly, Barkhamsted’s history is a little depressing and uplifting at the same time. Unlike towns with things like good farmland and access to waterways, no pale people wanted to live in the Barkhamsted area. As a result, it was one of the last places to be taken over by white people and was not formally incorporated until 1779. For a little over 40 years before that it belonged to Windsor…but no one wanted to venture out into the Barkhamsted wilds.

These days, it’s made up of two villages: Pleasant Valley and Riverton. (Some of us CuTters have been known to go camping out there from time to time.)

Something Weird: Apparently one resident watched The Ring too many times and became a bit obsessed with ghosts and their relation to horses.

Donna Santos believed spirits were at work inside her house and inside her barn on West Hill Road. According to her, the horses moving from one stall to another and the cat’s bowl moving are the work of spirits.