Huskies Have No Bite

From sibhusky2's Flickr Creative Commons

The UConn football team’s first game of the season at Michigan opened with so much promise and potential, but ended with a giant thud on Saturday night. U of M quarterback Denard Robinson set a school record with 197 yards rushing, dicing the UConn defense time and time again. By the way, Robinson also passed for 186 yards which pretty much makes him a one man wrecking crew.

Did UConn have their chances to make it more of a game? Absolutely. While it was surprising to see how overmatched UConn was (seriously, who thought Michigan was going to play that well?) UConn had several scoring opportunities they squandered with either dropped passes and turnovers. Late in the game, it looked as if UConn quarterback Zack Fraser was rattled by the atmosphere of the game. But hey, playing in front of 100,000 can do that to a person.

While this game was a huge disappointment to the UConn faithful, it’s not as if the season is a lost cause. They still have a shot to contend for the Big East title, as none of the other contenders in the league looked all that great in their opening weekend, either. Fear not, UConn fans! The season is not lost and things will (might) get back on track for our state’s flagship university.

Their next game is Saturday, September 11 at noon verses Texas Southern. Seriously, if they lose that game, then the season will be lost.