Cheapskates on a Diet: Week 5

So, the ladies may not have lost much weight but we have discovered something about the Asian Persuasion. She gets even sicklier when she makes an attempt to eat right.

You see, over Labor Day weekend the Asian headed down to New Mexico to get her latest wedding fix. While there she fell in love with a little something called Sopaipilla. It’s basically fried bread…but not like fried dough. After her trip through alien-landing territory she might have been several pounds lighter, but by the time she got off the plane she was infected. She thought it might be strep, but the doc says it’s viral. Either way, she can’t swallow–and therefore she can’t each much in the way of solid foods. So, despite all that Sopaipilla she only gained a pound.

Anti-Couric on the other hand can’t really remember what she ate over her holiday weekend. She thinks there was a taco or two, some grilled things, a lot of beer, and at least one Smirnoff Ice. Oh, and there was the copious amount of pickle juice and Jack Daniels. Photo evidence also points toward ice cream cake, Italian sausage, and pasta. Luckily, when you drink that much it’s pretty certain most of those empty calories will find their way back up. Still, no one is surprised that she’s once again gained two pounds. No amount of swimming, wandering in the woods, or mid-day walks can combat the effects of late-night tuna-mac salad binges. But two pounds and a bit of bloating doesn’t seem like much of a price to pay for acting like a 21-year-old for four days.