All About: East Haven

Population: About 29,000

County: New Haven

Size: 13.4 square miles

History: The area now known as East Haven started being “bundled” together by Puritans on November 29, 1648 (we share a birthday!), but with many disputes between settlers and New Haven, it went back and forth between being its own entity and part of New Haven until May of 1785. In 1881, because it was near bankruptcy, East Haven sold a big chunk of itself back to New Haven and lost 70% of its population…but its debt was gone!

Something Weird: It’s a bit of a yawn really–they lost some folks in every war, the town is more than 90% white and there’s not a lot of crime. East Haven is mentioned in Ocean’s Twelve as the place where George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ characters have been hunkering down. There’s also the Shore Line Trolley Museum but…that’s about it. What do you expect from a town whose biggest employer is Stop & Shop?