The Dog Days Are Over: Ring Nation

By Jellywatson from Flickr Creative Commons

Summer always reminds me a bit of the country’s favorite MTV-abomination: Jersey Shore. It’s all hype, no substance. Every year since I graduated college, it’s been “Wow, I can’t wait for summer!!” And every year it’s a huge let down. This summer was no different.

Part of the problem is that it always seems that other people are doing fun things like going to the beach (even though the beaches in New England aren’t any good), or taking a day trip to some place, or having a late night summer adventure through the downtown streets of a city. None of that stuff happens to me. (My fellow CuTters would say that’s because I don’t drink…and you can’t expect for adventures to happen when you’re completely sober.)

For the most part, summer means sitting in an office with the air conditioning blasting so I’m usually freezing while it’s 97 degrees outside. Due to my destitute financial situation, I don’t really take many trips so I spend a lot of time looking at the lawn and thinking about how I should cut it…and then not cutting it.

I was fortunate enough to take a trip to the Bahamas this year (which I didn’t pay for) and, of course, it rained most of the time. The locals just smiled and said dumb stuff about liquid sunshine. No one wants liquid sunshine, I want actual sunshine. By the way, if you’re making a list of places to go in the Caribbean, I would avoid the Bahamas. Not that it was bad, but it’s not that great, either. (The Anti-Couric will corroborate this – she claims she knew it sucked back when visited in the 1980s.)

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the warm to hot weather and the occasional cookout. But for a season that has so much promise it’s just a big let down. Bring on fall, bring on football season.