All About: East Lyme

Yup, there it is.

Population: About 19,000

County: New London

Size: About 42 square miles if you count land and water

History: East Lyme is made up of two villages–the Village of Flanders, named after Flanders, Belgium. The other, Niantic Village, is named after the Nehantic tribe of Native Americans who once lived there. Before European settlers arrived, the Pequot tribe had invaded the area. The Nehantics allied themselves with the new settlers in the 1630s, but sadly died out in the 1800s. East Lyme was part of Lyme originally but was incorporated in 1839. The oldest house in CT still in its “primitive state” is found in East Lyme–the Thomas Lee House, built around 1660.

Something Weird: Howie Mandel apparently lives in East Lyme. Everything else sounds pretty mundane. It seems like something interesting should be happening or have happened there–I mean no Jaws sightings or anything!