Pho 88

In anticipation of our trip to Southeast Asia in November, The Boyfriend and I seem to have developed increased cravings for that region’s food. Or, at least I have, and he’s willingly obliged. Our usual local joint is not open on Mondays, so we decided to try some place different. Which brought us to Pho 88 in the Parkville section of Hartford–not the best neighborhood but a lot less deadly than it was in the 80’s.

The place was incredibly clean, and looked like every other Pho place I’ve ever been to. And, it was virtually empty. We soon found out that the three people working there, presumably relatives, did not speak English, which was problematic because I actually had a question about the difference between three items called “Seafood Soup.” What made one seafood soup different from the others? I couldn’t really understand the woman (which does not bode well for our trip), so I took a stab and picked one.

The Boyfriend ordered a beef pho and we also got some cold spring rolls with shrimp and pork. They were a little larger than Pho Boston’s and very good. My soup was okay: the broth wasn’t the lovely flavorful broth that expect from pho. This was more like wonton soup. But, it wasn’t anything a little brown sauce and siracha couldn’t fix, and the shrimp and squid pieces were huge and delicious. The Boyfriend’s beef pho was incredibly tasty and I was just a little jealous. (Food envy occurs often with me). So, if you’re a carnivore, I’d say go for that one.

Two out of three salt shakers because two out of three dishes ain’t bad (and the third wasn’t really bad at all…I just have overly high expectations.)