Saturday Night Lights

From Flickr Creative Commons, by Lacie Babenco

The most beautiful thing about autumn in Connecticut is not weather or changing leaves, but the return of football.

Saturday’s UConn game did not go very well. At this point, UConn has gotten to the point where losing to Temple sounds a lot worse than it actually is. In the minds of football fans, Temple is still the team that got booted from the Big East for being so unbelievably awful. The reality is that Temple is now a very solid football team and Coach Al Golden could end up being coach of the year. They could go through the MAC undefeated and possibly go to a second tier bowl game.

But sometimes perception is stronger than reality and UConn’s 30-16 loss does not bode well for a team expected to contend for the Big East title. Let’s assume UConn runs the table and wins the Big East. They are an automatic qualifier for a BCS game and the national outcry will be “but they lost to Temple!” It’ll be fun watching Randy Edsall try to talk around those types of questions, but due to lackluster performance in the passing game, it’s unlikely that situation will arise.

Edsall has said in recent days that the depth chart will be changing and he’ll play whoever gives UConn the best shot at winning. Sounds a little obvious; shouldn’t he have been doing that anyway?

UConn’s next game is at home v. Buffalo this Saturday.

But thing were looking better at the Rent when professional football returned to Connecticut this past and the Hartford Colonials debuted with a 27- 10 victory over Sacramento. Former UConn star Andre Dixon ran for 94 yards and quarterback Josh McCown threw a touchdown pass only a few minutes into the game.

More importantly, almost 15,000 people showed up to the game and for a new team in a new location, that’s not bad at all. Hopefully the win will bring even a few more people out to the next home game–Oct. 9 against Florida. Get out and see the Hartford Colonials! We’re certainly gonna try to drag ourselves to a game!