Ra-Ra Sis-boom-bah!

From Wikimedia Commons by dbking

I’m not really used to defending cheerleaders so you’ll have to give me a minute to gather my thoughts, while you read this:

Some high school cheerleaders in Bridgeport think their new uniforms show too much skin and they want town officials to do something about it.

Heidi Medina, a former captain of Central High School’s cheerleading squad, stood before the Bridgeport Board of Education last week, took off her oversized sweats and revealed her revealing cheerleading uniform, the Connecticut Post reports.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a football game in October or November and looked at the cheerleaders thinking, “You poor things.” Half the time they end up wearing warm-up pants under their skirts and turtlenecks under their tops. Seems like it might be wise to rethink cheerleading uniforms altogether.

The words spandex and gortex come to mind.