Silk City Flick Fest: Hookers, the Grim Reaper, & Pittsburgh

This weekend marks the triumphant return of the Silk City Flick Fest…sort of. This time, instead of taking place in the Silk City, the events will all be going down in downtown Hartford. Thursday night was the opening night party at the Wadsworth. Audiences at the party will also be treated to a showing of Birthday.

Birthday is about a prostitute who seemingly finds love on her 25th birthday. It sounds a bit on the dark side, but if you check out Silk City’s website to get a full description of the movie, it seems like a pretty cool, edgy flick. If Julia Roberts career proves anything, it’s that people love prostitutes!

Another  highlight of the fest will be My Tale of Two Cities, from Carl Kurlander (who wrote St. Elmo’s Fire, and worked on Saved by the Bell). It’s a documentary about Kurlander moving from Los Angeles back to his hometown of Pittsburgh to find out that things have changed. It’s a quest to see if Pittsburgh can reinvent itself to keep up with the modern day. Spoiler Alert: Pittsburgh retooled itself quite well after the steel industry dried up. Other cities *cough* Hartford *cough* can learn a lot from this tale.

My Tale has been getting some very positive press around the independent movie circuit and director Carl Kurlander will be available for a post movie Q&A session. And this guy went food shopping with Teresa Heinz Kerry in the movie…we need to find out what that was like. This movie plays Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Wadsworth.

One other thing to note: The block of short films made by Connecticut filmmakers will be screened at 1 p.m. on Saturday at Young Studios in Hartford. One of the films is a very witty, enjoyable piece called End Therapy about the Grim Reaper going to a therapist to talk about all the death he sees on daily basis. From what I’ve heard, it’s good…and I’m not just saying that ‘cause it’s my movie. The cost is $5 to see those shorts. Try and beat that price! Actually, you can’t, so don’t bother.

But check out the Silk City website for all other information on this great event coming to our capital! The prices are very reasonable and the quality of movies will be outstanding. Enjoy the shows.