What Connecticut Needs: Weed Dating

Maybe I'll hold my own weed dating event instead of buying the corn-barrier next year.

The Asian Persuasion has explored, at length, the ways to meet someone/get laid in Connecticut. She’s even gone so far as to set some of us up via the internet. But when we heard about “weed dating” we immediately said, “We need that.” What’s weed dating, you ask? We’ll let USA Today explain:

Weed dating takes place on farms among rows of sprouting produce. Participants weed a row with a potential romantic interest, then move on to another row and another partner. At the end of the day, some people might have cultivated a mutual interest — and no matter, the field is freshly weeded.

I love this for my own personal reasons: I like  to garden but hate to weed. If I could find a guy who would come over to my place and weed the garden for me, I just might consider getting married…and I’d more than likely put up with guy’s BS for longer than normal (at least until harvest time). I also like the no-pressure vibe of it. I mean, if you’re covered in dirt, sweating, and combating stray plant life it’s hard to get too wrapped up in the usual trappings of a date.

It does seem like a bit of a scam that participants get charged $10, though. I mean, the farmers are getting a butt-load of free labor. Do they really need to charge for the pleasure of weeding their fields? Also, it would be nice if the age-range was a little narrower. The article says participants are between 20-50. It would be nice to find a silver fox in the fields, but with my luck,  I’ll end up with some guy with angina.

None the less, I’d participate in a local “weed dating” event, if for no other reason than to blog about it.