All About: Monroe

Population: About 19,000

County: Fairfield County

Size: About 26 square miles

History: Like so many other towns, Monroe originally belonged to another town. In this case, it was Stratford which included all of the territory twelve miles inland from Long Island Sound, between the Housatonic River and the Fairfield town line to include the southern portion of present-day Monroe. The rest of the land that constitutes modern day Monroe was purchased slowly from the Paugussett Indians, in 1662 and 1671. The Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation sold off its land and forever dashed any future for the Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation Hotel, Casino and Conference Center. Somewhere, a busload of elderly Asians and a car full of young men in shiny shirts (all with gambling problems) are weeping.

Something Interesting: Stevenson Dam Hydroelectric Plant sits on the boundary of Monroe and Oxford. The Dam was built in 1917 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. Stevenson Dam Hydroelectric Plan is the largest of the 5 Connecticut Light & Power hydroelectric dams on the Housatonic River. It’s also home to our Anti-Couric, and if you’re to believe her Facebook updates, the Chupacabra stalks the streets (or just her yard).