All About: Montville

Population: 20,003

County: New London

Size: 42.02 square miles

History: Unlike the other towns in Connecticut that only exist because they were able to wipe out the Indians that lived there first, Montville probably only exists today because of the Indians who built casinos nearby and keep the people of the area employed. Back in the day Montville was known as the North Parish of New London. It didn’t become a town of its own until 1786. Somewhere in there the white people teamed up with the Mohegans to pretty much wipe out the Pequots who tried to move in from NY. Judging by the state of the casinos, we think the Mohegans really did win that war.

Something Weird: We can find, literally, nothing all that interesting about Montville. I did manage to find this video, which informs us about gravity and water.