Wonderland at the Coventry Farmer’s Market

An abundance of everything you might want...

For months I’ve been meaning to check out the Coventry Farmer’s Market and finally, this past Sunday, I had my chance. I didn’t really know what to expect: a lot of veggies are now out of season, it was coldish and gray out, not to mention it was a bit of an adventure getting there (turn on South Street off of Route 6, not South Road). But it was, indeed, a wonderland.

From local coffee to cheeses to pastries and the expected produce, there were dozens of booths to choose from. Some even had meat like lamb and bacon available. Several farms were represented with differing products and I found some nice, late season tomatoes and butternut squash (with which I later made a recipe touted by the AntiCouric). There were also late autumn greens available as well as lots of root veggies — some I’ve never even heard of. And of course, apples…and abundance of apples. Too bad I’m an evolutionary disaster and allergic to the buggers.

We also found a woman with mustards and pickles made in Marlborough, where I set my mouth on fire. We bought some spicy pickles and super hot mustard from her — and sampled many, many more. I wanted to buy some maple brittle, but in truth, I’m not sure if it ever would have been eaten. The free sample was a nice taste of fall though.

Artisans also abounded, with homemade soaps and jewelry, and even wood carvery (editor’s note: this is a Wuism, just go with

An artisan in the act of...artisanning.

it) being done live. They handed you a pile of the wood shavings to sniff, making you feel like you were somewhere else entirely. Live music could be heard all over the area which made the entire event more like a festival than a market. Since the place is dog friendly, there were more to pet and “aww” at than I could have dreamed of — and I’m certain they also enjoyed the samples too.

And now, onto the cheese. Cheeses galore! Most were farm cheeses and not pasteurized, but incredibly delicious. Some were goat, some were cow, some were a combo. Some were also flavored like pink peppercorn, or herbs de Provence, or classic garlic and chive. One place even had the stinkiest, most pungent cheese I’ve ever had–which I loved. However, it wasn’t cheap — the one we wound up purchasing was almost $28 a pound…so I bought $3 worth and can’t wait to eat it —  slowly, savoring every bite.

If you get to the Farmer’s Market and find yourself so hungry that not even an abundance of samples will suffice, have no fear. There is a wood-fired pizza tent and for lack of a better word, roach coach. Despite my choice of an uncouth term, it was a classy food truck with items like pulled pork sandwiches and butternut squash soup. While it’s not my “thing”, the kettle corn guy seemed to be getting a lot of traffic also — especially since his flavor of the day was jalapeno.

So no matter who you are, or what you like to eat, I’m pretty sure the Coventry Farmer’s Market will have something for you. The variety and color is just that impressive.