UConn Did What Now?

By copepodo, Flickr Creative Commons

UConn dropped another Big East Conference game to West Virginia…Wait, what? UConn won? Well, that was unexpected.

Once again proving that anything can happen, UConn upset the heavily favored West Virginia squad in overtime Friday night by a 16-13 margin. The Huskies were aided by seven WV fumbles, four of which were recovered by UConn. This was the first time in Husky history they have beaten the Mountaineers. The winning field goal in overtime, kicked by Dave Teggart, sent The Rent’ crowd into frenzy and the students stormed the field afterward. It was quite the wild scene.

While this was a tremendous win for UConn, it would certainly have helped if UConn hadn’t already lost to Rutgers, Temple, and Louisville. The Big East has what the national college football media would say is an “image problem” in the sense that there are no really good teams in the conference. Until last weekend, most had assumed that West Virginia seemed like the best team and the conference’s best shot to win a BCS Bowl. Now it looks like it could be Syracuse, which would be the biggest shock of the football season by far.

Now that WV has lost to a struggling UConn team the Big East looks even worse. There are no ranked Big East teams and there don’t deserve to be. If the BCS contracts were up this year it would be a distinct possibility that the Big East could lose its automatic bid. If UConn had actually lived up to the pre-season hype, people around the country would have taken notice and happily had them in a BCS game. (Keep in mind, this is the team that rolled South Carolina in a bowl game last year and South Carolina is having one of their best seasons in school history!)

The point of this rant: UConn’s win was amazing for UConn, bad for the conference. UConn’s next game is Nov. 11 in East Hartford against Pitt. It’s unlikely UConn will win but as proved by the WV game, who the heck knows what will happen?