Tragedy Interferes With My Day

Photo by Ned Gerard / Connecticut Post

This afternoon my intern sent me an email telling me a road was closed because of a fire and she was going to be late. She failed to mention that it was our road, and so when I headed toward the mall this evening to report for a job that I’m probably going to quit I found that my route was blocked. Driving home this evening I discovered that there was a pile of rubble where the gun range/skating rink had been on Route 25.

So I called the PrissyBitch to 1) Ask her what happened to the range where we’d planned on someday getting our pistol permits and 2) Let her talk me into quitting my stupid night-job. Turns out there was also an apartment sandwiched in with the gun range and skating rink–which I wish I’d known ’cause I totally would have moved in there. Seems like an apartment filled with the sounds of gunfire and kids screaming should be cheap…they are in the ‘hood.

As you might imagine, a gun range is a particularly dangerous thing to have burst into flames. Apparently ammunition exploded and all manners of other dangerous shit happened. But it’s late, I’m tired, and I have a crappy night-job to quit so you’ll have to read The Post for more details.