Cheapskate: Style Wars – Snow Bunny

As you may remember, a psychic predicted that our very own Anti-Couric would meet a nice guy while skiing… or in a ski shop, or maybe when the paramedics are carrying her down the mountain. No one really knows how that will turn out but we still thought the psychic prediction was a good reason to shop for the perfect outfit for hitting on hot skiers. Here goes nothing.


I’m pretty sure whoever founded Athleta did so with lounging around the ski lodge in mind. Unfortunately, they didn’t necessarily do it with budget in mind. Shopping sales, and using every coupon/reward at your disposal is very important at Athleta — but the quality is generally pretty good and worth the slightly higher price tag. The actual ski-gear is way out of the Cheapskate price range but since we’re just hanging around in the lodge, sipping cocoa, and making eyes at strangers we thought it would be okay  to get creative.

Frankly, I just plain like the name of this “knock-around pant” for $39.99. The pants were marked down from $79, and since part of being a cheapskate is getting a good deal — not just buying cheap crap — we think this is an important distinction. Ebates is offering 8% back on Athleta orders at the moment which brings the actual cost down to $36.80.

I had some trouble tracking down the right shirt though. Sure I found inexpensive options, but they also needed to be warm enough to get to the ski lodge without freezing to death. So, I thought the “Cozy Zip Neck Sweater” on sale for $34.99, down from $79, was a good fit. Add in the 8% from Ebates and it gets less expensive. The zip neck lets you show off a little cleavage if you’re so inclined, and not be bundled up to your chin. These days an order over $50 gets you free shipping at Athleta.

I loathe UGGs or anything that looks like them so I refuse to even consider them as a shoe option. Unfortunately, when you look up “winter boots” those are the first things that come up. It’s also hard to find a cold weather boot that is even remotely sexy and doesn’t cost $300. So, I’m afraid my “Bare Traps” aren’t as inexpensive as I’d like, at $69.95. However, I’ve had my winter boots since I was in college, which was much longer ago than I want to think about. I don’t even remember what I paid for them anymore, but if I had paid $69.95 for them and got nearly a decade’s worth of use out of them, I’d consider it money well spent.

Asian Persuasian

So I’ve actually hung out in a lot of lodges since I haven’t been able to ski for a few years due to a car accident, which makes this challenge perfect for me. You have to be comfortable because a lot of the time, the chairs are old and not that comfy. While the Anti-Couric generally hates the skinny pant look, I’m going for some cheap leggings for this. As much as I usually hate Old Navy, theirs are cheap and not terrible. For $14.50 for the two-pack, plus a 30% Friends and Family Days discount, it comes to $ 10.15.

While trolling at the mall, I found a perfect cozy sweater at American Eagle for $24.95. It was soft and seemed like it’d be warm enough but not sweltering when you’re cozying up to a nice fireplace with some hot cocoa (spiked, of course).  More importantly, it’s long enough to cover your bum and hide any potential camel toe that leggings have been known to cause.

I’ve been on a boot kick for a while but they are pricey suckers, aren’t they? I thought about a cute suede boot to go with the outfit, but let’s be honest, around a ski lodge is not snow–it’s slush. And suede does not do well when wet. So I went with these black, tall, lace up suckers by Rocket Dog. After the Ebates discount, they are only  $57.54. It’s enough to make me want to camp out at a ski lodge right NOW.