And so it begins…

By wallyg from Flickr Creative Commons

Every year the “Holiday Season” seems to start a bit earlier. This year I was at a CVS the day before Halloween and had to fight my way through Christmas crap just to find the spooky goods. But it’s Turkey Day that officially kicks off the holiday season for me. The holidays just come in rapid succession once that day has come and gone.

Thanksgiving means a lot of things to us here at The CuT. It’s a precursor to the Asian Persuasion’s birthday, an excuse for the Gay Guru to gamble in Vegas casinos, and the cue for me to increase my rambling about the Stuff Boycott. With the AP working her way across Southeast Asia for the holiday and her birthday, and GG out west, I was left to my own devices over the long weekend. This led to Black Friday shopping with Nana.

When I say “Black Friday shopping” I don’t mean we got up at 4 a.m. and trampled fellow shoppers. Instead, I did what normal human beings do: I waited until all the maniacs went home/were sent to the hospital, and then went to get the few things on my list that weren’t worth buying online or weren’t donations. I ended up at TJ Maxx picking out a purse for my mom, and my cousins’ presents from Nana. Then we headed to the Christmas Tree Shoppes where I bought a frame for a print I bought for my aunt, and a really awesome facial mask for myself — I’m getting old, I need help staying porcelain. And then we went to WalMart…a place that shakes me to my very core every time I go near it — which is only when Nana makes me.

I lost my steam after that.

But when I say “Holidays” I don’t just mean Christmas. December is full of other holidays like Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. Around here, though, our Holiday Season doesn’t end until the Asian Persuasion throws a Chinese New Year Bash. She used to get a room at Szechuan Tokyo but these days your lucky if she throws an old egg roll at you as you walk in her front door. Still, we don’t call it quits until the Asian gives us some food.

With that in mind, we are officially kicking off our holiday coverage… just as soon as we’re all back in CT.