I was as content as this statue after our meal...

Recently, a strong craving for spicy Pad Thai came over me which sent The Boyfriend and I to Thai Palace in Bloomfield–a place we had both heard good things about but had not experienced for ourselves. (And no, the craving is not a result of the “oldest reason in the book”…my life is just dictated by my stomach.)

In the same plaza as the popular Japanese restaurant, Ginza, parking is usually difficult to find and a Friday night is no exception. The restaurant was pretty crowded, but we were given a cozy booth toward the back. I love getting the warm washcloths to clean yourself up with and Thai Palace did not disappoint me!

We started with the Sizzle Duck which was boneless roast duck wrapped in tofu skin, pan fried and then served on Thai pancake with scallion and seafood sauce. The fun part about this dish is that it was assembled in front of you–the sauce, duck and pancake were spread out and served. Oh, and it was delicious–not too greasy like duck can be–with great flavor.

My spicy Pad Thai was good, but I’m fairly certain that the “spicy” was Siracha. Now, I don’t have a problem with this because it was tasty and  just the right level of spicy, but I would have thought there would be a fancier, more creative way to create the heat. Then again, who am I to talk? I also appreciated that the dish came with shrimp and tofu while most places give you only one type of protein.

The Boyfriend had the Thai Palace Chicken–a spicy dish which did not appear to be Siracha-sourced. It came with peppers, red onions, chili pepper, mushroom, and bamboo shoots. He enjoyed it greatly and I loved the bites I stole.  Since I’m still more of a noodle fan, I did not have ordering-envy which is kind of a surprise because it was really, really good.

The service was efficient although not particularly remarkable–not rude by any means, but not particularly friendly either. In truth, I’ll take unremarkable and efficient any day over super-friendly and crappy. Overall, a very pleasant meal that took care of my craving and left me happy and peaceful. Two and a half salt shakers.