Dragone Lady Breathes Fire on Goodwill

By Hans S, Flickr Creative Commons

Just the other day I was wondering how “boutique” clothing stores in CT stay in business. I even asked the PrissyBitch who, surprisingly, agreed with me that they seemed a bit silly out here in the ‘burbs. When she needs designer duds, she drags her ass to Manhattan like any respectable socialite. I decided that the little boutiques are just drug fronts. Now, I realize, they also house  raging a-holes. The Feast brought this story to my attention:

Tina Dragone does not want ‘this kind of element’ Goodwill Industries of Western Connecticut will bring if it moves near her women’s clothing store on Westport’s Post Road East…’I run a very upscale, fine women’s clothing store,’ Dragone said, adding that many of the clients of the store bearing her name at 1687 Post Road East are women, often accompanied by children. ‘To have this kind of element coming into our neighborhood is ludicrous. And we are really afraid.’

First of all, WTF kind of element is she talking about? Have you ever been to a Goodwill in an upscale neighborhood? it’s basically people like me and the PB looking for cheap clothing for costume parties, and teenagers in garage bands looking for ironic t-shirts. Oh…and old ladies…lots of old ladies. Scaaaaary!

Turns out she objects to the actual workers at Goodwill:

‘They hire ex-convicts,’ Dragone said. ‘And I don’t think this is right for the town of Westport. I think we can do better.’

Nothing worse than an organization trying to make productive citizens out of ex-cons. What is the Goodwill thinking? (In case you’re stupid and can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.) Who passes for an ex-con in Westport anyway? Insider traders? Dragone claimed the Goodwill has inspired an arrest shell 32-pages long with the town’s police. The Goodwill’s lawyer said:

‘It covers the last 10 years of incidents,’ he said, adding that in 2010 there were seven police calls, some from people who were locked out of their cars.

Clientele may be dumb, but they don’t sound dangerous. He also invited people to cruise the current Goodwill’s parking lot and look at the cars, which I assume means “look at the Mercedes”, because it would then be obvious that the store serves other Westport residents — or at least people who could pass for Westport residents. Then, one TPZ member came up with a really bad excuse to possibly not vote fort the Goodwill’s zoning approval:

Corwin then brought up a concern he voiced at the previous meeting: the new facility having a donation drop-off center. The planned 10,000-square-foot building would have 80 percent of its space devoted to retail and 20 percent for donations… Corwin had cautioned that a donation center in a general business district would set a precedent for other retail establishments to do the same.

Really? You’re afraid Tina Dragone and her ilk will suddenly want to start taking in donations? Right, and maybe J. Crew will suddenly want all of our old clothing. This reminds me of the time Glastonbury voted not to build low-income housing on some “wetlands” and then later put some office buildings and a mall on the same “wetlands.”

Anyway, PrissyBitch, AsianPersuaion, and I are in the market for “North Pole Explorer” costumes. You can be sure we’ll be giving our business to the Goodwill, and not to Tina Dragone and we suggest you do the same until she changes her tune.