Fiesta Grande!

No not that kind of Fiesta. (By JLAw45, Flickr Creative Commons.)

It was a little over a month ago when this CuT reporter declared the UConn football season dead and looked forward to the basketball season. A lot can happen in the span of five games and in the case of UConn, they will soon play in the biggest game in school history versus Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl on January 1.

There are many different angles from which to look at this game. UConn fans and students are completely pumped and excited to see UConn play in such a big game against a historic college football power program. (I’m sure the UConn bean counters are happy at the giant payout UConn will be getting as well.) These people have every right to be excited. After what can be described as a “rough” start to the season with a 3-4 record, UConn ran off five straight wins against the likes of West Virginia, Pittsburgh and South Florida to end up winning the Big East.

The clinching game against South Florida was a typical grind with running, defense, and a little bit of luck. But as that 52 yard field goal by Dave Teggart soared through the uprights the cheers from Darien to Tolland could be heard around the state! It was great to see the team and its fans rejoice at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa last Saturday night.

Every story has two sides, though. People around the country are bemoaning the fact that an 8-4 team is playing in one of the major bowl games. They do have a point; UConn lost to Temple this year and got shut out by Louisville. Neither of those losses are good for a major bowl resume. But the winner of the Big East goes to a BCS game and that’s the rule. So why hate on UConn? Hate the BCS system, which many seem to do anyway.

It’s not like BCS Bowl teams aren’t without their own flubs, either. Virginia Tech lost to a FCS team yet still won the ACC. Oklahoma should have lost to Utah State (31-24!!), Air Force (27-24) and Cincinnati (31-29). That’s the same Cincy team that UConn steamrolled 38-17. Unless you’re Oregon, Auburn or TCU because they haven’t lost any games yet, you’re probably living in a glass house and should watch your stone throwing.

But UConn fans should book theirr tickets now and enjoy spending New Years in sunny, warm Arizona! It’s sure to be freezing in Storrs so I’m sure the players will be happy about their all expenses paid trip to the desert. Just stay away from the border towns…those are dangerous.

UConn plays Oklahoma at 8:30pm on January 1, and no one expects them to win. Go get ‘em anyway, Huskies!