Driving Miss Crazy

Hugo90, Flickr Creative Commons

To love West Hartford is to embrace two things above all else: 1) old people and 2)  left hand turns. Think about it, everywhere you want to be in West Hartford is on the goddamned left side of the street. And you can only get there after you’ve traveled down the length of Farmington or Troutbrook behind a 90 year-old in a Lincoln Land-Yacht driving 20 miles an hour under the speed limit. Then when your destination is finally in sight you only have to wait another 15 minutes or so for the traffic to clear enough to actually make a left turn.

That being said, I’m glad that the town of West Hartford has finally gotten around to assisting their elderly residents’ transportation needs. Hartford Courant reports:

WEST HARTFORD – Town council members hope a new transportation service will improve the lives of senior citizens and the visually impaired.

After seven years of discussion, the council voted this week to enter into an agreement with the Independent Transportation Network of Central Connecticut. The service would allow seniors or the visually impaired to get a ride at any time of the day within a 10-town area.

It’s nice to see that it only takes seven years for a local government can be effective. I’m actually not surprised it took seven years. What I am surprised boutt is what the Courant goes on to report:

The town first began to talk about providing services beyond the local bus system and Dial-a-Ride in 2003. By 2005, the town was using grants to research the nonprofit Independent Transportation Network of America.

But finding money to pay to form a new affiliate slowed the project down. When a central Connecticut affiliate was formed in Middletown, the town could join that group at no cost, said James Capodiece, West Hartford‘s director of human and leisure services.

I don’t pretend to know anything about politics, but I can tell you first hand that West Hartford taxes are obscenely expensive. So it strikes me as a little odd that they needed and received grant money to research how to cart around their town’s elderly, but they have no idea how to pay for the actual service. Perhaps they needed more grant money to research how to get more grant money?

What’s important to focus on I suppose, is that West Hartford’s elderly, for a nominal $40 a year fee will now have a better method by which to travel. One can only hope it will remove the 90 year-olds from behind the wheel of their Oldsmobile Land Barges and ease, if just a little, the hell that is driving in West Hartford.