Mama Mia, Max a Mia

From Flickr: ZagatBuzz

As I’ve made clear before, I’m not a general fan of the Max Restaurants, but sometimes I’m forced to go thanks to mob-rule. This is how I found myself at Max a Mia in Avon — the name of which makes me groan to no end. Because I’m used to the “atmosphere” of the other Max Restaurants, I was surprised that this one was pretty generic. Not terrible, but just not as generally impressive or thematic as, say, Trumbull Kitchen or Max Fish.

They crammed 15 of us pretty tightly around two oddly shaped tables (one round, one rectangle) which wasn’t the most comfortable, or spacious. However, we were also right near the open kitchen area which smelled delicious. Our server was friendly and efficient — even though we came staggering in, he was still on top of things throughout the entire meal.

I ordered the Lasagna con Mezalane — really, just eggplant parm. It was delicious: gooey with cheese and sauce, but not too greasy. Because I work with mostly women, a lot of salads were ordered and they all looked quite good — especially those with shrimp. I consider it a testament to the place that no one, in a group of 15, had a problem with their meal.

One note: the sink in the women’s room has some serious water pressure behind it. I almost walked out of there looking like I had had an accident.

Two salt shakers, because to satisfy a large group and make me happy deserves praise.