Live Blogging Snowmageddon #3

Since the state seems to think it’s necessary to shutdown before it actually snows and stir the good people of CT into a rabid frenzy, we thought it would be fun to start live blogging the storm before it starts. As far as we can tell, half the fun of the snowstorm is the anticipation anyway.

Say goodbye to the Anti-Couric until May!

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 8: 20 p.m. – Two days ago my mom called to make sure I would not have to go to work if it snowed. A few minutes ago the Asian Persuasion asked me if my office was closed. It seems that no one understands that I am one of two people in my office, and neither of has any reason to go into the office even on a beautiful day. So…I’ll be staying home to shovel my driveway every few hours and spend more time in bed with my new down comforter (which makes me insanely happy).

Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 9: 27 p.m. – I’ve spent a good deal of time tonight obsessively checking my work email and company website to see if our office is closed tomorrow. I almost feel guilty about how giddy I am about the impending White Doom, but not really. To calm myself, I decided to take a nice bath. Bad idea. The Boyfriend soon after discovered a leak coming from the upstairs bathtub area into our downstairs bathroom. DOOOOOMMMM. Now the paint is sagging from where it filled with water, and the trash is filled with paper towels from trying to soak it all up. And I don’t think the plumber will be willing to come out tomorrow.

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 10 p.m. – Ok, so all the news reports said the snow was going to start after 10…but I got nothing so far. I was hoping it would start on queue so I could go and shovel once before heading to bed. (I like to keep on top of these things.)

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 10:35 p.m. – It seems to have started snowing. Oh the joy.

Gay Guru – Glastonbury – 11:04 p.m.- While the first flake has yet to fly in the Hartford area, the sky is painted with that familiar orange color that reflects off of the increasing clouds from the ambient lights below.  Throughout the day today, as the forecast grew more daunting, the buzz about the office I work for was that we would be open tomorrow. The official position was, “If you feel you can’t come in, then don’t come in.”  While my car is Swedish and as such built for diving in any amount of snow, I was a bit nervous.  However, I received word a short time ago that the office is officially closed tomorrow.  While I try to keep positive darlings, you must understand that my office never closes…..ever.   So with this announcement, my “spell of nervousness” has been officially upgraded to “quite scared.”

Gay Guru – Glastonbury – 11:29 p.m.- Spoke too soon, it’s started snowing… whoopie-loo.

Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 6:47 a.m. – Dragged my ass out of bed to see if the office is indeed closed, or if someone lost their senses and decided it was imperative for us to work during a whiteout. Luckily, we’re closed…unfortunately, I fall into the half of the office with company laptops, so I can actually do work from home. The rest are free to go fall into a snowbank if they please.

There is a crapton of snow. That’s a precise measurement, people. The dog took two steps out the front door and immediately made a dash to go back inside, which says something. She essentially peed on the front steps, but you’d never know because there’s so much snow that you can’t tell that there are actual steps there. Time to go back to bed.

Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 7:29 a.m. – ANNOYED. It’s become very apparent that I am not going to be able to go back to sleep so it’s time to bang out some work.

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 8:50 a.m. – I slept until almost 8:30 when my clock radio and WNPR started telling me that we’d gotten over a foot of snow so far. Since I could hear a single car going by on my usually very busy road I figured that WNPR wasn’t lying just to mess with my head. CT, I am feeling very defeated… There is just so much snow out there. I’m never getting out.

Gay Guru – Glastonbury – 8:57 a.m.-Like the Asian and Anti-Couric, I too woke up relatively early. I had every intention of sleeping in, but as it turns out I forgot to shut off one of the three alarms that I require to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning.  I spent half an hour standing in my porch admiring the eerie silence of the Wednesday morning.  The dull roar of cars and trucks from nearby Route 2 and planes is absent today.  There are some cars traveling down Route 2, but the snow is falling faster than they’re moving.

Ruby doing her part to dig us out.

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 9:15 a.m. – I sent my mom the picture of my steps and she immediately called to laugh at me. I went back to the front door to inspect an empty plant hanger in the tree out front. The snow is now only about six inches from the bottom of the planter. Ruby, my cat, decided she was going to try and help dig us out. It was funny but it made a mess.

Gay Guru – Glastonbury – 9:55 a.m.- That last “heavy snow band”  they kept talking about….it’s here.

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 11:15 a.m. – Had a tea and then went outside to do some shoveling and take some pictures. My forearms are kinda numb now and I don’t even have a clear path to the road yet. I’m hoping for a miracle of some sort…mostly because the piles of snow at the end of my driveway are making it hazardous to try and enter traffic. It’s days like these when I wish I could stand other people and had a roommate. We could a) shovel together b) sit around watching The Fellowship of the Ring together (which I’m doing anyway) c) Go play in the snow.

According to the news, Newtown got 27 inches which seems about right. The snow is up to my hips.

PrissyBitch – Bridgeport – 11:30 a.m. – I love a good snow. Sitting in front of my picture window, cozied up in a cableknit Ralph Lauren throw, and sipping a warm cup of Irish coffee, everything seems so peaceful and calm. Except those weirdos outside shoveling their own driveways. I don’t understand why they don’t just pay others to do that for them like we do. I mean, honestly, shoveling looks like no fun, and our little Jesus does such a wonderful job why would we ever bother??

Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 11:57 a.m.- I spent the last 4 1/2 hours doing more work than I do in a week. Sadly, it’s very apparent that my boss, her boss and I are the only ones working or on email. This results in 7979847328947289372 emails from both of them. I did spend 10 minutes with The Boyfriend throwing the dog around in the snow, which was hilarious since the snow is well over her head. I’m sharing a video, if you’ll all excuse my monkey pajama pants. Reports say that we got 19 inches, which I feel like is low-balling it.


Gay Guru – Glastonbury – 12:32 p.m.- Just noticed on the business closings ticker that Ron-a-Roll Skate Center in Vernon is closed, which is news to me because last I noticed their sign was falling off their building, so I’m shocked it was actually still open…

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 2:10 p.m. – I ate some oatmeal, did some work, farted around on the internet, and then ate a breakfast burrito (my genius recipe that I think may be close  to nutritional perfection) and then went back to trying to find work to do. Then, just as I was getting myself psyched up to go back outside and shovel some more, my landlord showed up. He managed to bully his way into the driveway, and dropped the snowblower on the snow. He should be done by Friday.

Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 3:08 p.m.- The Boyfriend went out to try to clear off cars. He got about halfway through his before he wizened up and realized the snow has no where to go really. Some weirdo in an SUV made it into our complex which is a miracle…and a testament to this person’s poor sense.  Now reports say we got 23 inches.

Gay Guru – Glastonbury – 3:17 p.m.- It seems the snow has subsided to just a few flurries here.  The snow plow guy has also arrived, which allows me to breathe a sigh of relief. While I don’t plan on going anywhere, I’m just glad that freedom is mine, if I want it. If you’ve been watching any of the local news coverage, you have probably heard that the state police are urging people to stay off the roads. That’s probably a good idea.

Anti-Couric — Monroe — 4:30 p.m. – He’s still snowblowing.

Asian Persuasion — Manchester — 5:20 p.m. — Decided to go out around 3:30 to clear off my car. I have just returned. Our plow company showed up as most of us were clearing things off and shoveling out–which actually slowed down the process. Note to self: Buy a shovel so no longer have to beg and borrow from better prepared neighbors. I am numb. And wet. And cold. My hair got wet and froze. Thank God for hot tea.

Anti-Couric — Monroe — 7:20 p.m. — Went outside  to clean my car off once the snowblowing was done. It was kind of like taking an Alaskan cruise and watching as glaciers calve, only there were no bears, no annoying couples to eat dinner with, and my arms are once again practically numb. There were easily two feet of snow on top of my car and every time I got the trunk cleaned off, half a glacier came down off the roof and end made a new mess. Eh, why am I telling you about it when you can see it for yourself.


Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 7:51 p.m. – Twenty-seven inches here. 27. 27. I am 5 feet tall, 60 inches. The amount of snow that fell is almost half of me. Made some sausage and peppers for dinner and am secretly hoping that something will prevent me from having to go to work tomorrow. If schools are already closing for tomorrow, why can’t my work?

Who doesn't clear 27 inches of snow off the top of their car?!

I also just took a peek outside to see how our snow removal company did since there’s nowhere in our complex to PUT any of it. There’s a nice row of cleaned off cars with just a dusting on them and then there’s my crazy pants next door neighbor with the sides of his car cleared, but all 27 inches of snow on top. For the first hour of the rest of  us shoveling out, he and his equally crazy pants wife stared at all of us from their window. Then he came out and did his half ass clean off job…I’m more worried about when he realizes that it needs to be cleaned off in order to drive. It’s all gotta land somewhere and guess whose car is to the left of his?