Koji New Haven

Last week while on my way to a Yale-only party I decided to meet a friend for a smart cocktail and a bite to eat at Koji, a new Asian place on Temple St. in New Haven. This haut is clearly aiming for the after-work crowd and hoping to be a cocktail bar that serves light fare rather than a full out restaurant.  This became evident when our waitress no sooner said hello than tried to force a scorpion bowl upon us. I shuddered at the thought and told her to return with a cosmo. For an entree I got the Koji Noodle. It was spicy and had baby corn, which I hate. The tofu and noodles, however, were fine.

While their dinner menu leaves much to be desired, they do have a tremendous selection of cocktails (which is usually all I have for dinner anyway). So if you’re looking for great Asian cuisine, don’t bother, but if you’re looking for a fruity martini when the clock strikes 4, then it might be worth a try.

I give Koji one salt shaker because while I love a decent cocktail list, they also have scorpion bowls, which is way too tacky for my taste.