UConn Finds New Coach, Fans Behave Like Jerks

It’s been about two weeks since UConn football coach Randy Edsall bolted for the not-much-warmer weather of Maryland and the UConn administration has been on an exhaustive search for the next head coach. After turning over every rock they can find and spending 50k on a search firm to help them pick a new coach (which is beyond dumb), the athletic department is happy to introduce…

Paul Pasqualoni?

Well, that’s certainly a curveball. Generally when an up and coming team is looking for a new coach they tend to look for a younger guy. Most times the man would be a coach from a smaller school looking to make his mark in a bigger conference or a hot-shot coordinator from a big program looking to get his shot at being a head coach for the first time. Coach P ain’t either of those two things.

Pasqualoni is 61 years old so I guess they weren’t looking for a youth movement. He also hasn’t coached in college since 2004 after being fired from Syracuse. He’s been bouncing around the NFL for a number of years as a defensive coordinator and has had some reasonable success.

If you would like to read some venom, as always Hartford Courant commentators are full of it. Over there, readers are saying it’s a total failure, AD Jeff Hathaway should be fired, he’s a washed out coach, etc. People are so angry you would think Pasqualoni is some sort of axe-murderer, which he is not…we think. But these people are upset because they don’t think Pasqualoni can be a leader, be imaginative on offense (which is strange because he’s more of a defensive coach, but Courant comment-leavers are dumb) and he can’t recruit.

Facts are this: Pasqualoni won a lot at Syracuse, going to two Fiesta Bowls and an Orange Bowl. He won the Big East title a few times and his teams finished in the Top 25 on seven occasions. Not too shabby. Can he recruit? I won’t bother reciting a list of great names that have passed through Syracuse in his tenure (and there are a bunch, especially from CT) but if he can get big names to go to college in upstate, freezing cold New York, that man can recruit!

Another thing people are overlooking: his age can be a great benefit to UConn. He’s 61. He’s not looking to go anywhere! If UConn is successful, he won’t be looking to uproot to a bigger program. And he’s a Connecticut guy, born in Cheshire. The guy wants to be here, he’s been a success (granted, not in a long while), he can hire an imaginative staff and he can recruit.

So let’s get behind the coach and be supportive of someone who WANTS to coach at UConn. Because we all know that doesn’t happen every day. Good luck, coach! You’ll need it.