Cheapskate: Taste of Hartford (2.0) – January 17-23

It’s baaaaccccckkkkk! For those of you living under a rock, the Taste of Hartford reinvented itself a few years ago, transforming itself from the family friendly party in Constitution Plaza with C list local celebs, into an emulation of big city Restaurant Weeks. Starting today, the winter 2011 run begins for a delicious week. The price has risen a penny with the year–$20.11 will get you a delicious multi-course meal of most of your Hartford favorites, or places you’ve been dying to try and just need a cheapskate excuse to do so.

My personal favorites include Salute, Costa Del Sol and Firebox–but classics like Carbone’s will please as well. However, take my advice and stay away from Hot Tomato’s.

Be sure to add a $1 to your payment to benefit local arts through the Greater Hartford Arts Council–put it in the little envelope provided or ask your server. This money will not only help support arts and cultural organizations in the Beat, but also supports community outreach and education.

Happy pigging out!