All About: Ellington

Population:About 13,000 and growing

County: Tolland

Size: About 35 square miles

History: Ellington was part of Windsor, and then part of East Windsor until May of 1786. It’s also the home of one of  the first roadside memorials dated 1812 and dedicated to a 10 year old boy who was run over by the wheel of a cart. The town was mainly agricultural until recently and is mainly Caucasian (96%), with less than 1% African American and a little over 1% Native American.

Something Weird: The founder of Al-Fatiha Foundation, Fasail Alam, was born in Ellington. Al-Fatiha is a LGBT Muslim group. Apparently, the takeover of an Ellington supermarket (probably the only one) by Big Y was so controversial that an independent film called The Supermarket was made about it. We’re hoping it involves fights in produce.