All About: Enfield

Population:About 45,000

County: Hartford

Size: About 34 square miles

History: Settled in 1679 and incorporated in 1683 by the white folk from Salem, MA, Enfield was originally two villages of the Pocomtuc tribe. Due to a surveyor’s error, part of Hartford County was made part of Massachusetts, but after a lawsuit, Enfield seceded to be part of CT. Today’s Enfield is made up of Thompsonville and unfortunately named Hazardville (named after Agustus George Hazard–not because it’s dangerous). Compared to most of CT, Enfield is positively diverse with less than 90% of the population being Caucasian.

Something Weird: In 1793, one of 19 East Coast Shaker villages was founded in Enfield. It has since disbanded and its site now houses the Enfield Correctional Institution. Enfield was the home of the Hazard Gunpowder Company, which was referenced in an episode of Hawaii Five-O. Incidentally, there were over 60 deaths, with various parts of the mills exploding at different times. Today, Lego and Hallmark are some of the larger, less dangerous (we assume) businesses housed in Enfield.