A Dance in Your Mouth at Tango

A couple of Sundays ago, when the Gay Guru was (shockingly) not hung over — or cleaning up the remnants of a night with a Bear — we decided to fulfill a long time-coming plan to hit up the new Tango in Glastonbury. (Note: it doesn’t seem like the website has been updated by the new owners yet.) Now, while Tango has existed for a few years, it can be called “new” because it is under new ownership and undergoing some changes…like having brunch. Gay Guru brought his friend who we shall call One Drink Wonder…because sadly for her, that’s all she can have before terrible things happen.

When I arrived, they were already seated with Bloody Marys (which they rated as okay) and ready to go. I decided to forgo the breakfast booze for a cup of tea. The prices were reasonable–at least much more reasonable than I’d expect from a non-diner. My eggs benedict were something like $7…possibly less. They. Were. Beautiful. It always annoys me when those eggs covered in Hollandaise are overdone — they should be gooey and runny and increase my risk of salmonella. The sauce was also perfect — not the greasy, overly thick crap or watery goo you get some places and it was just the right amount à la Goldilocks. The potatoes had some sort of spice to them. They tasted…homey like cinnamon, or nutmeg, but slightly more exotic than that. Either way, they were delicious. Gay Guru and One Drink Wonder were also quite happy with their meals — I think we all agreed that the portions were generous as well.

What came out first...pretty but not exciting.

Beautiful, exciting and pretty smelling!

Then came the delight. Molecular gastronomy tickles my fancy, and the belief that eating should be an all-sense experience resonates with me. We were treated to a very special experience as our server came out with a bowl of what looked like water and a couple of rose petals. She then placed what I believe was dry ice into it and suddenly…”smoke” poured out of the bowl and across the table, accompanied by the scent of sweet flowers. I felt like a little kid waving my hand through the smoke and wafting it up to my nose — it was just pure fun. I really look forward to going to Tango for dinner at some point — the atmosphere is fun and upbeat, but relaxing. Rumor has it that there will be some minor decor changes (there have already been some) as the new management and owner make their marks on the place.

Two and half salt shakers because new experiences are always salty.

Update from the Anti-Couric:


This didn’t seem worthy of another post, but I headed on over to the Pond House Grille (formerly known as Tango) for brunch this weekend. I took one of my freelancers, so it was on the company and therefore we went a little wild. She ordered the PHG benedict, which is basically eggs benedict with the english muffin replaced with a crab cake. This was on the menu for my friend’s baby shower last January so I knew it was delicious, and she agreed.

I had the eggs rancheros, which is basically a giant tortilla bowl with a layer of refried beans on the bottom, scrambled eggs, and some pico de gallo/guacamole/sour cream on top. Also delicious. We also decided to get the french toast to split, but she ended up taking it home because I took one bite and was overwhelmed by peanut butter and decided it was not for me.

I also ordered a stuffed pear and gorgonzola salad to take to my grandmother because she had it at the baby shower and couldn’t stop talking about it. (And frankly I couldn’t blame her…it was yummy.)