Not the Dankest Nug on the Plant

Usually, I’m on the legalize it bandwagon, but every once in awhile, a story comes along that reminds me just how stupid you become when you smoke too much pot. This is one of them:

Dispatcher: 911, what’s your emergency?

Michelson: Uh, let’s not get into that yet.

Dispatcher: If it’s not an emergency you don’t call 911 sir.

Michelson: Well, I have a legal question.

Dispatcher: Is it life threatening or an active crime in progress?

Michelson: Crime in progress possibly.

Dispatcher: What’s going on?

Michelson: I was just growing some marijuana and I was just wondering what, how much trouble you can get in for one plant.

Dispatcher: You’re growing marijuana and you want to know…depends on how big the plant is?

Michelson: It’s only a seedling.

Dispatcher: Well, it’s possession. You can get pinched for a roach in the car.

Michelson: All right, thanks for the info.

Smoking pot does not turn you into a thief, a meth addict, or a lunatic. It does, however, sometimes make you lazy and if you smoke enough of it…so stupid you’ll actually call 911 and tell them you’re growing pot. Thank goodness all the college kids are hooked on Adderall these days.