Snooty Bar Gets Rowdy

From Xipe Totec39, Flickr Creative Commons

The PrissyBitch would be appalled. I, on the other hand, hope this is the beginning of some sort of uprising from the working class.

A night at an upscale champagne lounge was anything but refined inWest Hartford early Saturday morning.

A man and his fiancé were arrested outside Cuvee after an altercation that started when a man urinated in the women’s restroom, police said.

I’m not a fan of wine bars, mostly because I don’t like having blue teeth at the end of the night — but also because they’re filled with people who think they’re better than everyone else. I can only imagine what kind of horror awaits me inside a “champagne lounge.” And if I feel like being judged, I’ll just go to the PrissyBitch’s house dressed in irregular clothes from an outlet store.

I do have a problem with this guy peeing in the women’s bathroom though. Everyone knows the ladies’ room is a nightmare, complete with long lines and in some of the classier establishments, one girl hogging a store while she vomits. Men need to stick to their urinals and leave us to peacefully pee in our stalls while a gaggle of girls primps in front of a mirror and discuss the guy they just met at the bar.