Don’t Keep a Yuppie from Her Massage!

This headline could only exist in West Hartford:

We’re especially outraged by this because the victim is known to us by six degrees of separation…okay, maybe two or three. We’ve been told that the accused used expletives while screaming at the young mother to hurry up. According to The Courant:

The victim was on the passenger side of her SUV, removing her 6-month-old from a child seat when Freedman approached, said she was in a hurry and brushed against her, Rose said.

Freedman got into her car and started to back out, despite the woman’s screams for her to stop, he said.

Freedman’s BMW hit the victim’s passenger side back door, pushing the woman up against her SUV, Rose said. The victim said she had back pain afterward; the baby was not injured.

Freedman rolled down her window and said, “I told you I was late,” before taking off, Rose said.

Luckily, the license plate was obtained and Freedman was tracked down about an hour later.  And then…the kicker of all kickers.

Asked why she didn’t stop, Freedman said she was going to get a massage.

Clearly she needs to unwind but we’re pretty sure that this whacko  (Pamela Freedman of Mountain Road in Farmington) is going to pay for the victim’s back massages for quite some time.