A Clamp Abroad

So, our buddy Dan over at Enemies List has coerced our other buddy, Clamp, into blogging so that we can all follow his European adventures. Having tried to get Clamp to write about his adventures for us — like when he went to the Governor’s inaugural ball — we know he can be a bit…um…sporadic. The best way to document Clamp’s adventures is just to accompany him and then write about it yourself (which we’ll attempt later this year). So we don’t know how this is all going to turn out, but it sure is pretty.

Still, we’ve got high hopes, because it’s not everyday the guy who sat in front of you in algebra — or, if you’re Asian, took you to a prom wearing a top hat and tails — moves to Switzerland.

Dan called the blog “An American Abroad” which made me think of one of my new favorites shows:


I don’t know if Clamp’s hijinx will be quite that hilarious, though it’s likely they will be. I mean, so far, we hear he’s down to 14 francs (because it takes forever to clear an American check, apparently) and they don’t accept Visa in Lugano. So, that’s awesome.

Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a Swiss/Italian city, Clamp’s blog will be for you.


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  1. He’s no Karl Pilkington, but it should be a good blog anyway. As of his last report, he’s down to 8 francs. He better start busking with that banjo.


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