Taxes, and Cuts, and Trolls – Oh My!

By Toban Black, Flickr Creative Commons

New governor Dannel P. Malloy is about as popular as a wart on prom night after his new tax plans were released to members of the media Monday night. Some of the new or higher taxes would be on haircuts, gasoline, cigarettes, alcohol, income, sales tax, and a whole bunch of others. Wow, that sounds like a lot!

Cut to: Hartford Courant readers freaking out! One of the problems with the internet is that it allows stupid people to communicate with the rest of us. People who would normally stay home and watch Two and a Half Men and leave the rest of us alone are now spouting their nonsense on the interwebs for all of us to see. For instance:

“Hey, don’t know about you, but my health insurance premiums damn near doubled this year, as a direct result of Obamacare.” That’s so ridiculous it made me laugh.

“Somebody, please tell me…if you remain in CT, and are not a public sector employee with bloated benefits, or somebody dependent on the services and handouts.” That’s not really a coherent sentence. Hopefully education isn’t being cut too much in CT.

“LOL!  Where are all the lefties now?  This is an even far more violent reaction that I ever expected.  Ole Dannel and Oh No Ocho are absolutely (or will soon be) SHOCKED at the public backlash on this one.” Using “lol” when trying to make a statement on complicated budget matters pretty much says, “Please, don’t take me seriously.”

“I say to DANNEL go F yourself. Some shared sacrifice. Tax everything in sight. Appoint your cronies in the Legislature who created this mess to cushy, high paying state jobs with fat pensions.” One thing state workers are known for are making the big bucks! I know DMV workers who own six houses and 15 cars each. It’s incredible!

Courant readers… They’re a great source of hilarity. They’re sort of like dogs; they don’t understand words just tone and fear. Only, dogs are cute.

Here are a few things for web trolls to consider before posting if they’d like to sound remotely intelligent next time around:

  • This is a proposal. Nothing is set in stone. This is the starting point of negotiations, not the final verdict.
  • People asking where the spending cuts are should calm down. Some were already proposed (cutting down the State University system’s management, cutting reimbursements for building new schools) and more are on the way. Of course…that could contribute to unemployment… so there’s a double-edged sword for ya.
  • If getting a 6.25% sales tax on your haircut (or boat repairs…why were those not being taxed?) is going to break you, then the tax is the least of your problems.
  • To all those threatening to move away I say: Go ahead and move to North Carolina. Send your kids to a public school down there and watch them come home thinking the South won the War of Northern Aggression. I dare you.
  • A higher cigarette tax? Good. Really, it’s not high enough. How about $12 a pack? It might be cheaper in the long run if smokers just drove themselves off a cliff.
  • So a six6-pack of beer will be $0.06 cents more. You’ll live. Or how about you drink water, you lush?
  • The income tax increases are pretty nominal. That sucks but people will adjust.

But really, what are you supposed to do with a deficit of $3.7 billion dollars? It’s not like Foley would have had some magic trick to make the deficit disappear. Kudos to the Gov for actually taking on the problem.

The real problem facing the state is what to do once the deficit is taken care of. It’s sort of like a diet goal. If you aim to lose 25 pounds and you do, what’s your next move? You can’t go back to your eating habits pre-diet or you’ll balloon right back up, which is why diets don’t work. You would need a lifestyle change, which is what the state is about to get thanks to uber high deficits.

The bottom line is that no one likes tax hikes or wants services to get cut but it was pretty much inevitable. Let’s just hope the state can get its finances in order too, so we can prosper long term. Deal with it and get back to complaining about the weather.