All About: Farmington

Population: About 24,000

County: Hartford

Size: 28.8 square miles

History: Originally inhabited by the Tunxis Indian tribe, in 1640 white folks from Hartford settled, making Farmington the”oldest inland settlement” west of the CT River and one of the oldest communities in the state.

Apparently Washington came through Farmington several times and dug the place, calling it the “village of pretty houses.”  Farmington is chock full of history, as the Farmington Historical Society is proud to expound upon, but I started getting bored.

Something Weird: Like many CT towns,  The Official Preppy Handbook calls Farmington one of the preppiest places in America. It was also known as “Grand Central Station” to escaping slaves and their guides during the Underground Railroad’s heyday because so many of the townsfolk were abolitionists.