All About: Franklin

Population: About 2,000

County: New London

Size: 19.6 square miles

History: So little is going on or ever went on in Franklin, CT that Wikipedia doesn’t even have a “History” Section. However, the town’s website shares “A Brief History”. They lie. It’s the longest thing to ever inhabit a town site and put me to sleep about halfway through. It details out 350 years of history, including many names, and the cost of the first voting machine. Basically, a guy by the name of Ayer bought about 300 acres from some Native Americans and set up house there in 1663. The town was originally named West Farms and was eventually changed to Franklin in honor of Ben. By 1716 there were 40 families living in the area and it was good enough to start to be considered a town.

Something Weird: From 1987 to 2006, Franklin Mushroom Farm stank up Route 32 and was rumored to be the only mushroom farm in the state at the time. However, they moved out of state in ’06 citing the high cost of doing business in Connecticut.