The Water is A-Risin’


This morning, as I was heading up Route 25 through Monroe to Newtown, I noticed that a cop was blocking the road heading back toward my house. This wasn’t a big surprise because most of my yard, and the driveway I don’t park in were underwater (a couple of my flower pots were floating in the swamp). If I hadn’t been so busy singing along to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” I would have bemoaned the blocked road which would force me to ask a cop permission to get to my house for the second time in a month (last time it was late, and I was convinced it was a DUI stop but turned out to be an accident).

Anyway, apparently I was being a wuss. According to NBCConnecticut:

As rain filled the streets and swelled rivers, people in several towns were evacuated on Monday.

Westport emergency crews used a reconditioned military vehicle to get through high waters and check on residents.

It wasn’t  exactly Katrina, and you’d think more Westportites would have boats to get themselves out of the flooding, but still…no one likes a wet basement.