Ted’s Steamed Cheeseburgery Goodness

Behold, the power of steamed cheese.

On our way to Mystic this past weekend, The Boyfriend (henceforth known as The Fiancée, but that’s a story for another time), suggested that we take a detour to Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden for their famous steamed cheeseburgers. We had both heard of this phenomenon, and seen it on Man Versus Food, but had yet to try it. For some reason, I think of steaming as a process reserved for vegetables and wrinkled clothing, but what the hell?

Ted’s is located in a neighborhood that one would think of when one thinks of Meriden. Not terribly scary, but could use a good spit and polish. The place itself is tiny with only three booths and a handful of counter seats, but clean.  The guys behind the counter are friendly and efficient. We ordered homefries with steamed cheese and two steamed cheeseburgers. Mine had lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup while The Fiancée added sauteed onions to his.

One note: you can’t get tap water here–you’re paying for a bottled beverage no matter what, but a burger is about $4 so you can probably spring for the Coke. The food came out in fast-food time, with the homefries coming out first. They were pretty damn good–although I think without the giant glob of cheese and piles of ketchup, it would have been lacking something. Steaming cheese really does something lovely to it–you don’t get the same grease factor that sometimes comes with pure melting, but you do get that lovely gooey-ness.

The burger was huge. I was pretty pleased with mine. Honestly, so long as you pile on a crap ton of cheese on anything, I like it. The bun was pretty good too–although it sort of dissolved as my eating continued. Without cheese, I think the steamed burger would have been a little bland though. The Fiancée is convinced that his onions made the burger and that sans onion it would have been mediocre.

Two salt shakers because gobs and gobs of cheese is always a little salty.