Shoot ‘Em Up, Katelyn

In one of the more recklessly hilarious stories I’ve heard in awhile, a West Hartford man was arrested for giving his daughter a shotgun for use in her school project. According to The Courant:

“Police said they were called to the area of 63 Southwood Drive about 5:03 p.m. Sunday for a report of two girls and a boy using pellet guns in a field. When they arrived, two of the children had pellet guns. One of the girls had a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun. The shotgun was not loaded with ammunition.”

This story brings up a few questions. Why is it OK to let your kids play, unsupervised, with pellet guns but not unloaded shotguns? What the bloody hell is going on over in the West Hartford School System that kids need guns to complete a school project? Sounds like a tragic physics experiment waiting to happen.