Supermarket Sweep!


The Hartford 21 Market opened today, and a bunch of people — most of whom look too fond of EMS-type clothing to possibly live in an urban area — attended the grand opening. I hope this whole Hartford 21 experiment (I suggest not following that link because the website is so utterly useless it’s an insult to the internet) but every time I see a picture of that grocery store I flashback to the one time I ever tried to shop at the Union Square Whole Foods.

I still have nightmares about that store, where all the people who happy milled around the Union Square Farmer’s Market fought gladly claw each other’s eyes out for overpriced quinoa and fair trade coffee. It was one of the worst shopping experiences of my life. Maybe I can get Dr. Gold to do some exposure therapy with me and gradually convince me that urban grocery stores don’t pose a clear and present danger to my health.

Anyway, I do suggest checking out The Courant story about the supermarket, just for the little jab at New Haven at the end.