Have a Guinness For Me

The CuT Goes to the Wicklow Mountains

Somehow, I forgot that today is St. Patty’s Day. It’s easy to do when there isn’t a parade in your town.

The Gay Guru (and the rest of Facebook) reminded me when he pointed out that his family is lace curtain Irish. Being largely of British (and German, which makes me even more annoyingly imperious) descent, I can’t help but laugh at that. Even if there were such a thing as a respectable Irishman (other than Colin), no one wants to know about it… Give me a street-dwelling Southie punk with a heinous accent and gold chain any day! But all  this thinking about the Irish got me thinking I should do a post…but don’t have much to say about this most drunken of holidays.

The Asian Persuasion and I spent a week or so in Ireland a few years back, and I can say that, except for Los Banos, Dubliners were the friendliest people I’ve ever met. On our first night there, a couple of fellas bought us “Baby Guinesses” — Tia Maria and Baileys in a shot glass — and a couple of days later we wandered into Gogarty’s Pub to be accosted by a group of young fellas who turned out to be awesome. “Drew Peacock” was allegedly getting married the next day, and the rest were…um, hilarious. Then we all met the world’s worst drag queen. Her name was Mandy. But that’s about all I can muster today. So here are some of my favorite Irish-related videos.

The Asian Persuasion agrees with McNulty


I laughed inappropriately hard at this


I think I like Ireland so much because Ireland loves its rivers so much


“As we say in Ireland: ‘Let’s drink until the alcohol in our systems destroys our livers and kills us.’ “


Raise Up Your Kilts!


I’d love this movie even if it was just Wahlberg, Damon, and Baldwin sitting around talking to each other in accents




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