Do You Need a Library Card for That??

Hopefully you haven’t already hit the New York Times paywall this month because we’ve got a CT story for you to read. Yes, the venerable Times wrote a story about Yale’s new stress-relief program — which entails loaning a dog out to Yale Law School students from the library:

The school is not saying what sort of dog Monty is; what happens to him when school is out of session; or how Monty himself may be kept from becoming overstressed with all his play dates.

Sebastian Swett, 26, a second-year student at the law school, said he had signed up for a session with the dog, but does not necessarily think that it will relieve all the pressures that come with being a student at Yale. “I don’t think its going to solve anybody’s anxiety problems, but it’s certainly nice to play with a dog for half an hour.”

Theo could be your therapy dog.

Well, the normal thing to do when you find yourself wanting to play with a dog — but not actually wanting to be responsible for one — would be to, say, volunteer at a local shelter. Though, I suppose, if this catches on and libraries at competitive universities across the country start looking for dogs to loan, perhaps shelter dogs will find new homes. So maybe loaning dogs out to stressed out people who may or may not have any dog experience whatsoever isn’t the worst idea.

Still it seems that simply having people with therapy dogs roaming the stacks would be a more efficient solution. Having more dogs would mean reaching more students, and Yale wouldn’t come off as being so completely insane.