Drinking Butter at Dish

Wikimedia Commons

A couple of weeks ago, The Matrix and Dr. Gold kindly took The Fiancee and I out to dinner in honor of our engagement. We went to Dish Bar & Grill in downtown Hartbeat, where none of us had been for more than a drink before. The atmosphere was definitely a successful attempt at being hip-for-Hartford. I don’t know if it would be considered hip in say, London or NYC, but for Hartford, it definitely worked.

Our server was very friendly and cheerful, and helpful with the menu (aka patient with my questions). I decided on the Chicken Not Pie (which was really just chicken pot pie with no bottom crust). The Fiancee had a pork shank dish, The Matrix went for chicken and dumplings, and Dr. Gold ordered the fish and chips. The Matrix also ordered the Dish mac and cheese for the table. All of the food was lovely — I housed my Not Pie like I was never going to eat again. The only sad thing was that we didn’t realize that the mac and cheese had ham in it and Dr. Gold is a vegetarian.  We ended our main dinner fat and happy.

Then, the dessert menu came out.

There were some interesting options on there, but none so interesting as the popcorn cheesecake. A deconstructed popcorn cheesecake. With popcorn flavored ice cream on a bed of graham cracker crumbs. Accompanied by a shot of sweet and savory butter. That’s right, butter.

The idea was that you were to coat your mouth with a sip of this sort of diluted butter before taking a bite of the cheese cake or ice cream and that it would bring the sweet and salty flavors together. I have no qualms about this because I was one of those kids who loved to eat butter…and still would if I wasn’t scolded every time I made a move in that direction. To me, it was heaven — buttery goodness, ice cream, and cheesecake all mixed together was like nirvana. Fattening, guilty nirvana. The Fiancee was not a fan of drinking the butter while The Matrix and Dr. Gold seemed a bit more receptive. I would drink more butter again today.

Two and a half salt shakers because any place that condones drinking butter is pretty salty in my book.