Poundcake is Not Good For Your Aim

Flickr Creative Commons, Talkoftomatoes

West Hartford is now, officially, home to the most ridiculous shooting incidents in Connecticut (which is saying something, considering a Glastonbury cop got grazed with a bullet from his own gun a few year back). The baby shower shooting was ridiculous enough (though I can see how someone would get irate enough to shoot at one of those things) but this latest shooting had a piece of poundcake in its midst.

A male relative of the female student came outside to “quell some issues,” police said in a news release. Once the man came outside, a group of at least five males surrounded him, police said, and the shooter produced a handgun. Police said witnesses told them the shooter was eating a piece of pound cake as he pulled the trigger, hitting the victim in the neck.

Who could be angry enough to shoot someone while also eating poundcake? Frankly the only time I’m happier is when I’ve got some tea and a digestive biscuit.



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